Tuesday, February 22, 2011

1,000 words

 I would like to thank Ron, Laurie, and Matt from Daily Designs for sharing their incredible talent in photography, and the use of their wood shop. These photos document the four boards I have built to date.

This is the first wood board I ever made! Single fin, single concave, 6'0'' Fish. The flat shaped rail generates a ton of speed. This board is unique with a Maple veneer and an Ebony leash peg.
This is the second board I've made. Turning heads and raising questions, this board resembles its predecessor only in profile. A double concave followed by a deep single concave, leading to a v-shaped tail, this 5'10'' weighs 12.5 lbs, is very low in volume and best suited in larger off-shore conditions. From this board forward, a double leash peg design and White Oak veneer were the standard choice.

 With a new profile, the same construction was applied to this 7'2" 15.5 lbs thruster. There is ample nose rocker, a subtle concave through the middle and a flat tail.

This is a single fin 6'10" 15 lbs board. The bottom contour is a watered down version of my second board, with minor double concave to a single concave flattening toward the tail. This board has the most tail volume for a little extra push in weaker wave conditions.    

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