Friday, December 24, 2010


How I got here, depends on where I am…

I started surfing on a foam board that I hand shaped myself, the “Moondrop” 6’ 5” basic squash tail, original graphics and messy first time glass job, I could not have been more proud of that board. I attended the Landing School in Kennebunk, ME. Living half a mile from the beach was unlike anything else. A few important things happened while I was in Maine: I built a couple of boats, I improved my surfing, and Clarke Foam shut down. Suddenly, the board I built and learned to surf on gave me more questions than answers. So after graduating from the Landing School, I was inspired to create a wooden board that utilized cold molded decks with a solid steam bent rail. It would still be over a year of designing before my first board took shape.

Since 2008, I have surfed these hand made boards in all surf conditions, from 3 feet and messy to 7 feet and clean. The boards perfomance are their greatest strength, fast and powerful, they are a blast on any size day. Made entirely of wood, these boards have greater resistance to dings that occur out of the water. Capturing the memory of each trees life, your sure to feel the energy of the wood in each ride.

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